Debra K Bedell

I am an Independent Insurance Broker working with over 30 Insurance Carriers. I frame my business around working with Insurance Products that help my clients build financial stability for life’s unknown events through Insurance.

Many days I find that we’re looking at the volatility of the financial markets and just hoping that our long term financial plans will stay in tack. Life goes on and we can’t always wait for the markets to recover to liquidate assets when they’re needed.

There are financial tools, not more investing, that can help you be pro-active with creating stable cash flow and liquidity. The funny thing that many people don’t realize is that something as simple as Insurance, selected properly, can help you have better access to your cash flow.

The right Insurance products can help you better managing 3 cash flow concerns:

1) Having cash available or low cost policy loans for:
• unexpected expenses that weren't budgeted
• giving you the flexibility to help create a plan to pay monthly bills
• a short term illness that prevents you from working
• a business venture and
• helping out with a down payment on a new property

2) Generating cash flows that can be used for Long-Term Care needs and

3) Predictable and guaranteed income streams to help strengthen your Retirement Income Plan

I love empowering my clients and inspiring them to learn about how different Insurance Products can be used as financial tools to help them better balance their financial goals; this is at the core of my work. I strive to show how it may be possible to: hedge against market risk, secure financial guarantees and create more cash flow/liquidity.

I feel many times that the people who are aware of the benefits that Insurance can provide have created a Secret Society; being one-up on how to better manage their assets and keeping these benefits all to themselves.

I invite you to my website: where you can read my blog-posts and start to discover the benefits of incorporating Insurance Products into your Financial Portfolio.

Let’s start your discussion about reviewing how incorporating Insurance in your financial portfolio may bring more flexibility in meeting your financial goals. I meet with clients by phone or in the comfort of their homes/offices. My hours are more flexible talking with my clients during the week: Monday - Thursday after 5:30 PM - 8 PM and on Sundays from 10 Am - 3 PM.

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