Carla Bayot

I started Farmers Market On Wheels to help local farmers hard hit by the pandemic sell their produce. A lot of these farmers are facing huge obstacles, just to keep their farm running. Most farmers depend on farmers markets for 70% of their sales. The novel coronavirus hit many small businesses hard and left many farmers unsure of how to keep their farms going. In just a couple of weeks, we launched Farmers Market On Wheels (FMOW) to help these businesses thrive, and are now serving the Bay Area with farm-fresh produce.

As a basic function, FMOW is an e-commerce platform for farmers and locally owned businesses. We add new farmers, small business owners, produce and specialty items you find at farmers market every week. Mind you, all the items we sell in our Market are seasonal. Items will change without notice.

Please help us support our local farms and small business merchants by shopping at Farmers Market On Wheels.

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