Aymee A Coget

Founder of The Butterfly Effect Retreat for empowered women and Happiness for HumanKind, LLC, a happiness science, positive psychology and technology company, dedicated to contributing to the global shift in sustainable happiness.

Programs are based for the individual, business community, hospital, employee or patient, virtual team, or personal couple, and family workshops designed for your custom needs.

Featured in media including USA, Bhutan, Denmark, France, and India. American publications including as Women's Day, Health, Self, SunSet, Dr Oz, and the New York Times National television including CBS, PBS, and the Fran Drescher Tawk Show plus Yahoo! Health and Blogher.

Consulting with multinational corporations on happiness related topics & on the future of happiness in America.

Available for keynotes to executives, healthcare professionals and legal groups on how to use positive psychology at work for stress relief.

Happiness Content Provider (speaking, writing, classes, tips, blogs, videos, audios, interviews, consultancy), for teaching sustainable happiness, global education & well-being technology

This new science offers real practical solution oriented methods to enhance wellbeing, relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADD/ADHD. This is based in neurological research in the past 5 years.

Providing access to everyone, around the world, to the basics this new science can eliminate Suicide, which is predicted by the World Health Organization to be the second leading cause of mortality in the world by 2020. Additionally, it is beneficial for business, hospitals, families, and society at large.

Happiness can now be taught like mathematics, with an applied formula which is systematic & provides clear and consistent results.

Currently consulting with a number of technology based groups in how to specialize this content for maximum output to benefit humankind.

Books on Amazon / Happiness for HumanKind Playbook: Sustainable Happiness in 5 Steps & Find your Blissful Calling

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