Joanne Roberts


WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is the next step in my journey as a woman, media producer, entrepreneur and mother. Like all of us, my life has been a series of ongoing adventures and reinventions, some extremely well-planned and others not at all. I started out as a teacher and went on to experience wide-ranging success in the media business, creating three original series for television, heading production companies and receiving top industry awards.

I was also a pioneer in the new media industry, attracting funding from AOL and Ameritech, as CEO of Kidsites 3000, back in 1995. Our company generated many innovative web communities for kids and teens in partnership with AOL, CBS, Disney, Netscape and Nickelodeon, leading the way with digital video, music, blogging and social media.

In 1999 I became a mother for the first time, adopting my daughter Lola as a single mom. It was the biggest and best decision I’ve ever made. When the internet content business model tanked in 2000, I shifted my focus to raising my daughter and working with a range of new clients, helping them launch, reposition and optimize their brands, and creating digital content for their organizations and businesses. Clients have included The Brennan Center of Justice, The Smithsonian, Revlon, Selfhelp Community Services,  FleishmanHillard and many solopreneurs.

With the launch of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, I’m facing an exciting new chapter in my career as a serial entrepreneur. Some of the ventures I’m most proud of have paved the way.

Creating and producing The Dr Fad Show, a nationally (and internationally) syndicated TV series for young inventors and entrepreneurs, led me to develop the web-based KidzBizInvention Connection. This segue enabled me to attract start-up capital from America Online and become an internet entrepreneur.

And as a creator and producer of "The Lives We Live” a daily talk show for women airing on CBS, I spent several years focused on shaping half-hour conversations around the key issues facing women, attracting an engaged audience of millions of women daily.

I’m looking forward to building on what I've learned over the years, heading companies, leading production teams, creating interactive content and now, exploring the unexpected, surprising and exciting new issues we’re facing as women entrepreneurs 40+. I’ll be sharing my experiences via my own blogposts and the curated resources here on WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, along with my business partner, Peggy Doyle, and with all of you.