About Us


We’re two women just like you, evolving, growing and juggling the full 360 of life each day, embracing it all to the fullest, and attempting to stay focused and sane.

We’re also award-winning producers, marketers and entrepreneurs born at opposite ends of the baby boom, with a lifetime of experience running businesses of our own.

We created WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT after searching for resources that provided the answers and support we (and our friends) needed as we re-examined our priorities, reinvented our careers and faced new challenges, opportunities and transitions in all aspects of our lives.

WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is a collaborative marketplace powered by women entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, and business owners. Our platform helps you extend the reach of your ventures, connecting you with new customers and clients, while also making it easy for you to support other women-owned businesses too, tapping into the expertise, products and services that you need.

WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is also a global network, bringing together the resources, connections and community you need, whether you’re getting ready to start a new venture, or grow one. We're passionate about generating the opportunity for our Members to share the knowledge, strategies and solutions that will help each one of us launch, grow and thrive.

It’s FREE to become a member and easy to join. 

So, come collaborate. Because we’re better when we band together!


Joanne Friedland Roberts


WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is the next step in my journey as a woman, entrepreneur and mother. Like all of us, my life has been a series of ongoing adventures and reinventions, some extremely well-planned and others not at all. I started out as a teacher and went on to experience wide-ranging success in the media business, creating three original series for television, heading production companies and receiving top industry awards.

I was also a pioneer in the new media industry, attracting funding from AOL and Ameritech, as CEO of Kidsites 3000, back in 1995. Our company generated innovative web communities for kids and teens in partnership with AOL, CBS, Disney, Netscape and Nickelodeon, leading the way with digital video, blogging and social media.

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Peggy Doyle


One of the most rewarding aspects of my role as Co-founder of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is that it affords me the opportunity to bring everything I've learned and accomplished in my life so far, both personally and professionally, to the work I'm doing.

Like many women, my journey has been both rich and complex, worthwhile and challenging.

My career has spanned a number of industries, including web, mobile, digital video and television.  I’ve created and marketed a wide range of content, products and services, for both traditional and digital media, that delight their audiences and connect advertisers to their valued customers.  

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